Dean Baker: If Progressives Wanted to Win

“In reality, the right uses government all the time to advance its interest by setting rules that redistribute income upward. As long as progressives ignore the rules that are designed to redistribute income upward, they will be left fighting over crumbs. There is no way that government interventions will reverse a rigged market. For some reason, most of the people in the national political debate who consider themselves progressive do not seem to understand this fact.”

via Dean Baker: If Progressives Wanted to Win.


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2 Responses to Dean Baker: If Progressives Wanted to Win

  1. ……Ending..the myth of market wailed against market fundamentalism for the last..quarter-century…They complain that conservatives want to eliminate the government and..leave..everything to the market. The difference is that conservatives want the..government to..intervene in ways that redistribute income upward. The other that..the right is smart enough to hide its interventions implying that the..structures that redistribute income upward are just the natural working..of

  2. Monex says:

    One of the key requirements is a commitment to removing government controls on the economy so that the market economy can function without interference. But closer scrutiny reveals that this rule applies only to programs that actually benefit the majority of people just as deficits are a bad thing only when non-conservative governments incur them . When it comes to the government actions that would make the rich even richer and corporations even more profitable government action is a very good thing indeed.

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