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The bills are tied together only in their vehement attempts to thwart the federal government from being able to carry out its important tasks. House Bill 2077 proposes to require federal agents to pay local sheriffs to register their presence when they are conducting a mission in the state. SB 1545 declares that a nuclear fuel rod manufactured in Arizona “is not subject to federal law or federal licensing, certification, registration or other federal qualification or other requirements.” SB 1393 seeks to protect our “right” to the “harmless emission of anthropogenic carbon dioxide or other greenhouse substances” by making it a crime for the federal government to regulate their emissions in Arizona. HB 2313 requires the state attorney general to file eminent-domain actions on property possessed by the U.S. government if it “increases the ability of this state to generate revenue.”
Judged simply on their merits, these bills are nonsense.

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