It’s life –
    a journey we choose to take.
Elevators to the zenith –
    escalators to the depths.
Ever crossing shades of gray
    between the Black and White.
Dizzying heights and depressing lows.
Positions we must overcome –
    and states which can elate.
On this journey we bring in the characters we choose –
    to ride along.
We ride the Ferris wheel to experience the thrill –
    and we crawl along the sorrows we must surmount.
A journey where we crawl,
    where we run,
        where we hitchhike and we reach our destination –
            or we meet our demise.
We fall.
    We rise.
        We conquer.
            We fail.
                We stutter.
                    We finish……..
Then we start again.
                    ~ Original poetry by Jerry Lopez 2/20/2013

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